Curtis Granderson stood surrounded by the lights and lenses of the horseshoe of television cameras, waiting for the questions to begin.

In the early morning hours after the 2-1 Game 4 loss to the Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees center fielder knew the grilling would come.

He had gone 0-for-5, struck out three times and added onto the pile of bad memories that he has accumulated in this postseason.

Only Granderson apparently didn't see it like that. He doesn't think he's struggling — simply missing pitches.

He said he doesn't think he's out of sorts — simply going through a stretch. Then, when pressed, the normally calm Granderson pushed back about as much as he ever has in his three-year tenure in the Bronx.

"I don't feel frustrated."

That four-word declaration of defiance to a fourth-straight absence in this American League Division Series was Granderson's way of trying to say that this is part of baseball. That sometimes you don't have it. And there's no defined reason why.

Only the Yankees need him to find out. And fast.

While Alex Rodriguez has been the public face of the Yankees' offensive struggles in this postseason series with the Orioles, Granderson has contributed his fair share of outs, especially in big situations. So far in the four games in this series against Baltimore, Granderson is 1-for-16.

The raw numbers? Even worse: Nine strikeouts; One walk; Zero extra-base hits and zero runs batted in.