When CC Sabathia calls or texts his Yankee teammates during the offseason, it's mostly fun rather than hard-core baseball talk — a jab at Derek Jeter about the shortstop's beloved Michigan football team or chatter about the NFL.

But when Sabathia contacts Andy Pettitte, there's an added message: Andy, please come back.

Sabathia said Wednesday he will be "lobbying hard" to convince the 40-year-old Pettitte to return to the Yanks in 2013.

"For my own selfish reasons, I want Andy to come back," Sabathia said after accepting donations from fans at the Stadium as part of the Yankees' efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. "He's somebody to talk to. He helps me out a lot, being a lefty, pitching in this league for a long time, so hopefully he does."

Sabathia said he didn't have an indication of how Pettitte was leaning. Still, Sabathia said, "It's not time to put the full-court press on him just yet. A few texts, you know. A couple of Sundays, talking about football and throw in there, 'Have you decided yet?' and see what happens."