By default, most Spring Training games are forgettable. If you actually sat through this afternoon's dumpster fire, you have a little extra reason to erase any and all memory of the events that transpired from your mind for sanity's sake. The Yankee offense actually tried to make an improbable comeback in the ninth inning that ultimately came up just short with the winning run at the plate, but even that valiant effort cannot undo what had been seen for the other eight innings. What follows is a painful version of those horrors.

Nik Turley was terrible, awful, no-good, and very bad. You have to figure that nerves play a big part in the shakiness exhibited by some of these younger kids getting their first big league Spring Training action, but Turley was all over the place in a way that makes Dellin Betances nod understandingly. In the third of an inning that he managed to stay in the game, Turley allowed a walk, three hits, five runs (four earned), committed a throwing error, saw Nix commit another error, and somehow struck out Lew Ford. It was a mess. That would be bad enough, but it got worse. Oh, yes, it did.

After Turley was taken off the mound (probably to never be seen again), Cody Eppley followed with two strikeouts to mercifully end the inning from hell. Unfortunately, when presented with a chance to pitch the next inning, Eppley walked a batter and gave up two hits, allowing two more runs. But we weren't done there, my friends. Josh Spence would come on later and allow three runs on three hits and one walk. Sprinkled among the carnage would be three additional Yankee errors before all was said and done. This game was truly a thing to behold.