With Cards catcher Yadier Molina appealing his one-game suspension from Major League Baseball for making contact with an umpire on Sunday, he's in the starting lineup for the start of the four-game series with the Diamondbacks. Lance Lynn (7-1, 2.91) goes for the Cards against Trevor Cahill (3-5, 2.88).

Had he not appealed the suspension, Molina would have missed tonight's game against the Diamondbacks. Whenever he does serve the suspension, it will be a problem since the Cards have only one other catcher on the roster and couldn't get anyone else here to back up Tony Cruz and the rules preclude calling someone up from the minors to replace him. The league said the "suspension will be held in abeyance until the process is complete."

Carlos Beltran is back in the lineup after getting two of the past three games off.

Before the game, Chris Carpenter threw to hitters, the next step in his comeback attempt. He said he'll do it one more time before they make a decision on what the next step is. (The next different step would be going to the minors for a rehab assignment; it's the where and when that would be decided.) Shane Robinson, one of the hitters Carpenter faced, said "it had a different look to it. It was coming out of his hand better (than a year ago)."

Matheny said Joe Kelly would start on Wednesday in the opening created by Friday's rain out. Matheny confirmed they were waiting to see if Kelly was needed over the weekend and wouldn't have minded waiting another day before announcing it, but he had to tell the Diamondbacks something. With Kelly going Wednesday, that means the Cardinals are technically a man short in the bullpen, though Kelly pitches so seldom his absence probably won't be noticed.