For those worried that Mark Teixeira’s wrist injury could knock him out for several months the way Jose Bautista’s did last season, there’s good news: It’s not the same injury.
Bautista tore the tendon sheath in his left wrist, leaving his tendon susceptible to serious injury. Following about five weeks of rehab, Bautista tried to return, but the instability of the tendon led him to shut it down after two games, opting for season-ending surgery.

“Right from when I injured my tendon sheath — not the tendon itself — I was going to have to have surgery regardless, whether I did it right away or after the season,” Bautista said Sunday. “I didn’t have anything to lose if I tried to come back. The only red flags was what the doctor indicated to me, ‘Your tendon is going to be moving out of place; if you ever feel it’s too much or it starts hurting, you’re going to have to shut it down.’ When that happened, I stopped and had surgery.”
Teixeira has a strain of the ECU tendon in his right wrist . Doctors have instructed Teixeira to rest the wrist for four weeks before embarking on a rehab program.

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