This morning Jason “Lazy Eye” Canfora had some interesting things to say about the Pittsburgh Steelers their wide receiver corps and the NFL’s preseason trade market:

I could see the Steelers shopping Jerricho Cotchery for instance and finding a better market than they had anticipated. The free-agent market has been picked apart and there isn’t much there.

I understand that the Steelers could very well get something in the form of a 6th to 7th round pick for Cotchery. And yes I completely agree that Pittsburgh will need as many draft choices as they can get their collective hands on during the next few seasons. Yet I really hope that Pittsburgh’s brass does not consider unloading a player like Cotchery and a position like wide receiver.

Granted I like the type of skill-set that Markus Wheaton has and I love the size that Justin Brown and Derek Moye can bring to the table. But I also know that Emmanuel Sanders is injury-prone and I know that if Manny or Brown goes down and Cotchery is absent to boot then all three of these rookies will be thrust into starting or significant roles this fall.