This team is broken. Something has to be done to fix it. The best option is to fix from within but that hasn't worked so far. We can make a trade that sacrifices some pieces of our future (Bradley/Sullinger/Melo?) for immediate gains but will that be enough and will it be worth the cost?

People keep saying that we still have hope and they point to last year as being an example of what can happen. Here's the thing with that. Last year Danny Ainge was ready, willing, and almost able to trade away both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen at the deadline. All it would have taken is a few things to go slightly differently than it did and we're talking a whole different ballgame today.

So fast forward to today and tell me with a straight face that Danny Ainge would never consider trading Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo (who has been shopped more often than a used car). You can't do it.

You could make the argument that we are worse off this year than we were a year ago. Not only is the team struggling, but we don't have the financial flexibility coming up this summer that we did last year. We are now in deep with this group for the next 2.5 years unless some trades are made.