Andrew Luck is a superstar quarterback. Across his five seasons, he has shown himself to be among the best players in the NFL at his position. He is also, apparently, a pretty weird dude.

In a story at Bleacher Report, Ty Dunne talked to several of Luck's teammates, friends and coaches about his strange ticks. Some highlights:
In college, one of Luck's friends asked Luck what book he was reading. Luck replied that he was reading a book about the history of concrete.

The quarterback was an architectural design major at Stanford and found this book -- the equivalent of walking into interstate traffic for most of society -- downright fascinating.

"For me," says (Marshall) Hughes, now the sports director at WATE in Knoxville, Tennessee, "that'd be an absolute struggle. Punishment.
"I said, 'Golly! You are a different cat.'"

Luck has some pretty epic ping-pong battles.