The Knicks' once-airtight defense has been leaking like a sieve lately, and coach Mike Woodson has let them hear about it. Woodson said he doesn't want to listen to alibis and excuses about injuries, and demanded they take pride in guarding the man in front of them and not worry about the missing teammate not beside them.

"I've been on these guys a lot about defending. We haven't been that bad [until lately],'' said Woodson, whose Knicks play host to the Magic tonight. "But defensively, [Sunday against the Hawks] we got exposed a little bit out front along with the Philadelphia game.

"We've got to clean up our high pick-and-roll defense and get back to our coverages we were doing early in the year. It's just guys being up and being committed on the ball and not begging for help. That's the name of the game. You've got to take pride in guarding your man who has the ball.''