Nearly a third of the way through the season, embattled Mike Woodson is on the hot seat and still trying to coach effort, still trying to plead and prod his Knicks into playing hard for 48 minutes. For a coach trying to save his job and a team trying to salvage its season, that’s not a good sign.

A day after getting hammered 56-29 on the backboards in a loss to Memphis, the Knicks had to watch film of the humiliation, and as the saying goes, tape don’t lie. It was an embarrassing film session. Now the question is whether the players’ pride was hurt enough to do something about it when they play Monday in Orlando.

“It’s my job to push these guys, and I’m going to continue to do that. I’m not happy,’’ said Woodson. “I wasn’t happy [Saturday] with the effort. We played in spurts again, and that’s coming off a double-overtime win in Milwaukee. … To come home and play like we did in front of our fans, it’s just [bad]. Somehow we’ve got to flip that, because this is where we should feel the most comfortable.

“When guys are missing block-outs, when we’re giving up layups because we’re not protecting one another from a defensive standpoint, that is all effort plays. The tape [Sunday] was embarrassing to watch, I know it was. But you’ve got to learn from it. Hopefully [Monday] when we come out, it’ll carry over to hopefully a win, because we can’t keep making excuses. We’ve got to start winning games.’’
The Knicks are 8-18, tied for the NBA’s fifth-worst record with Monday’s game versus the Magic representing the one-third mark on the schedule.