Tyson Chandler’s comments that were critical of Mike Woodson’s defensive schemes may have annoyed the head coach, but they certainly didn’t surprise him.

According to a team source, Woodson recently confronted Chandler about comments the veteran center made that could be interpreted as undermining the coach’s authority. It is unclear when that conversation took place, but it could have happened last week following a loss to the Indiana Pacers, when Chandler said “we didn’t make adjustments.”

That answer was in response to reporters asking Chandler to comment on Woodson’s claim that the Pacers simply outworked the Knicks. It was erroneously reported that Carmelo Anthony was criticizing Woodson when in fact Chandler took a subtle shot.

On Tuesday, Chandler backtracked and explained that his explosive comments following Monday’s 103-80 loss to the Brooklyn Nets were not being directed at Woodson. It sounded a lot like damage control since Chandler had claimed that the Nets “out-schemed” the Knicks. At best Chandler’s remarks indicated that he was praising rookie head coach Jason Kidd and taking a shot at Woodson.

On Monday, Chandler said he didn’t agree with Woodson’s defensive strategy to constantly switch.

“I don’t want to switch. I personally don’t like it. You come with a defensive plan and then every guy kind of mans up and takes his responsibility. I think switching should always be your last resort. That’s me, personally.”

Woodson, who has come under fire for the Knicks’ 15-26 record, refused to fuel the budding controversy and made it seem, at least on the surface, that he wasn’t upset with Chandler.