Kerry Wood was back in Cubs camp Tuesday, this time as a spring training instructor.

"It was nice not having to run from field to field and doing all the drills," Wood said. "Obviously different, but nice to be back on the field and back in uniform and being around the guys again."

Manager Dale Sveum said Wood will bring his "knowledge and experience" for the younger pitchers.

"Sometimes a young player will listen to a Kerry Wood before a Dale Sveum," he said with a laugh. "It's just a presence, and to give him an opportunity to get on this side of the wall and see if he enjoys this part of it — front office, development … whatever it might be."

Wood spoke to some of the young pitchers about how to get prepared for the season. He's not ready to think about becoming a pitching coach in the future.

"I haven't looked that far ahead," he said. "Just being around here and learning the new faces and the younger guys who are going to be coming through the organization. I was pretty young when I came through it, so I think I have something to offer.

"Sometimes young players can be intimidated to go talk to a big league manager or pitching coach, so it's just another guy that's floating around they may be more comfortable talking with."