Turns out we've been looking at this Kevin Love deal all wrong, because to date we've been looking mostly at the Cleveland Cavaliers -- the team that would have to part with rookie Andrew Wiggins to get Love.

Should the Cavs trade Wiggins? Should they not? That's been the debate and focus, but as the days pass and clarity sets in and the Cavaliers reportedly have decided to include Wiggins in a package for Love, the focus should shift to Minnesota. That's where the story is, because the Timberwolves are one of two things, and either option is fascinating:

1. They're still the stupidest franchise in the NBA, even with the point-guard hoarder, David Kahn, long gone.

2. They're brilliant.

I'm leaning toward the latter, because like I said, David Kahn is gone and Flip Saunders is in charge of basketball operations -- and while Flip has never struck me as particularly brilliant, he's never struck me as the kind of bungler who would be fooled by what the Chicago Bulls are doing. What are the Bulls doing? Dangling more and more replaceable parts in a ridiculous, transparently futile attempt to acquire Kevin Love in a package that would be, talent-wise, pennies on the dollar.

The Bulls' latest offer is a solid veteran (Taj Gibson), a European mystery (Nikola Mirotic) and one potentially high-upside piece: rookie Doug McDermott. That's a trio of players who would help Minnesota be competitive this season, which the myopic Flip Saunders might be desperate enough to consider important, but not enough of a foundation to build its future. (Well, McDermott could be. He tore up the Summer League, and while that's not a definitive sign of future NBA stardom, it's impossible to ignore that McDermott has been the best scorer at every level of ball he's ever played. Will he be the best scorer in the NBA? No, of course not. But he could be a damn good one.)

That said, McDermott is a wild card, Gibson is replaceable and Mirotic is a complete mystery, as are most international big men who come to the NBA. Tiago Splitter had hype. So did Nene. The former has been serviceable at best. The latter, pretty good. Which description is Mirotic destined to be? And do the Wolves want to cross their fingers and find out?