Coach Randy Wittman has shown considerable flexibility – and rigidity – when it comes to doling out playing time, with several players going through extended periods in and out of the rotation.
Chris Singleton recently climbed back into playing regular minutes after being on the outside looking in for much of January but said players have the chance to discuss their situation.
“Coach has an open door policy,” Singleton said. “If you want to go talk to him, go talk to him. It’s on you.”
But Singleton added, “It’s not something you do during a game.”
After the Wizards lost to Detroit, 96-95, on Wednesday, Wittman blasted his players for complaining about minutes and shots during the loss, believing they showed more concern about individual performances than the success of the team.
“Till the earth stops spinning, there’s guys going to be concerned about minutes,” Wittman said. “That’s the nature of our business, but there’s a time and a place to be concerned and to have that questions about minutes, and it’s not during game. If there’s a question after the game, come into my office the next day after practice, we can sit and talk about those things. In the midst of the game, it’s got to be a focus on the game, not what’s transpiring for me. And then you win or lose that game, you deal with those kind of things after the fact.”
John Wall spent as many minutes sitting as playing for the second game in a row. Trevor Booker started in place of the injured Nene (right shoulder) and played just 17 minutes – none in the fourth quarter. Kevin Seraphin had his most efficient game in weeks, scoring 12 points in just 17 minutes but was yanked for the final five minutes after committing his only turnover of the game. And Martell Webster played just 23 minutes, his second-fewest in February.