In what was probably the game of the year, the Wizards, led by huge plays from John Wall, defeated the Toronto Raptors, 134-129.

There were lots of great performances in this incredible Wizards-Raptors game. Marcin Gortat, take a bow. You caught and finished more pick and rolls that any human being could ever count. Greivis Vasquez ... oh jeez you made me yell at the TV so much tonight. That pull-up three in the third overtime? I still can't believe you took it and made it. DeMar DeRozan, your growth scares the crap out of me. Bradley Beal, way to hang in there. Andre Miller, we all forgot you, but without your regulation play, there would be no overtime.

There was only one John Wall, though. And in the end, it was the best player in this game that played like the superstar he was. It was John Wall that allowed the Wizards to win the game of the year over the Toronto Raptors, 134-129.

It was John Wall that forced a steal at the end of the first OT when the Wizards needed to get a stop. It was John Wall that delivered with a vicious inside-out dribble to speed for the game-tying layup. It was John Wall that prevented Kyle Lowry from giving the Raptors the win with this play.