Garrett Temple put on some sleek Dolce & Gabbana glasses after the Wizards defeated the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night and John Wall gave him an approving nod as he got dressed in a nearby locker room stall. As Temple approached reporters, he said, “These are prescription, in case anybody wants to know.”
Temple wanted to make it clear that he hadn’t fallen into the NBA’s popular fashion trend which was spawned last postseason, when Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook both wore glasses without lenses to coordinate with their outfits.
After finishing with a season-high 15 points and helping the Wizards snap a four-game losing streak with a rare offensive outburst, Temple certainly would’ve been given a pass had he chosen a little flash over functionality. But such a move just would’ve been uncharacteristic for a player schooled in the San Antonio system of simplicity and substance over style.
“I do whatever Coach Witt and the coaching staff needs me to do to try to win games,” Temple said after the Wizards’ 98-90 victory over the Clippers. “First and foremost, be a defender, cause havoc on the defensive end and getting my hands on a lot of balls, try to guard whoever they put me on and also knock down shots.”
The latter has been a problem this season for Temple, and throughout his brief NBA career, but he found a decent offensive rhythm as he made his first four shots and finished 7 of 12 in his fourth start for the injured Bradley Beal.
“It felt good to knock some down and help the team out,” said Temple, who hadn’t reached double digits in scoring since posting 13 points in his second game with the team. “It just opens up the floor. They can’t help out as much. Nene has more room to work. Mek has more room to work. John has more room to drive. They can’t sag off me or the other guys as much if we’re knocking down shots.”