Bradley Beal was in Baltimore on Wizards assistant Sam Cassell’s old turf at legendary Dunbar High so he had to expect what followed: A heavy dose of trash talk and tales from his coach about how he used to dominate the court on which they stood.

“He tried to show me some banners like he was the greatest to come out of Dunbar” Beal said shaking his head on Thursday before leading shooting drills during a skills camp held by the Washington Wizards at the school.

Beal gazed up at the banner-covered walls etched with the names of former NBA players who won state and national titles for the Poets: Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues Reggie Lewis Reggie Williams David Wingate and former Maryland star Keith Booth.

Cassell’s Dunbar teams in the late 1980s didn’t have the same level of success but Beal still let him have his moment even though Cassell’s name was nowhere to be found on any of the banners.

“With Sam you can’t believe everything he tells you” Beal said as he looked around.

If Beal ever brought Cassell to Chaminade High in St. Louis they would be assured of seeing some acknowledgment of Beal. Earlier this month Beal returned home to have his No. 23 jersey retired at the school where he won a state championship as a sophomore and national player of the year as a senior.
Beal said the recognition from Chaminade “was probably the greatest moment of my life” and added that he didn’t expect to receive the honor so soon.

“Some people were saying they should’ve retired it my junior year in high school. I was like ‘Nah’ ” Beal said with a laugh. “It was tremendous. It was very emotional because just a few years ago I was in high school. I can basically remember every game I played in. And everything that the school did for me. The support they’ve given me it really truly meant a lot. It just shows the hard work that I put in.”

With Wizards training camp set to get underway on Sept. 28 Beal is now focused on leaving more of a mark on the professional team that drafted him third overall in June 2012. After waiting patiently for most of the offseason for a stress injury in his right fibula to heal Beal is healthy and anxious to attack his second season after working out with his personal trainer back home and later Cassell since returning to Washington.