Bradley Beal has tried to "fight through" his right wrist injury ever since his awkward landing on Jan. 18 after a hard fall in Denver. Beal got up and made two critical free throws in the Wizards' 112-108 victory that night, but his shooting form and accuracy haven't been the same. And after being held to just six points and getting benched for all but three minutes in the fourth quarter of Monday's loss to Sacramento, Beal has decided that it might be time to take a rest.

"I'm a tough kid. I feel as though it has to be broke in order for me not to play," Beal said. "At the same time, I want a long career in this league and I have to take care of my body and I have to do what's best for myself and my team. And I feel if I can't make shots for my team then there is no purpose for me being on the floor. I'm definitely going to continue to support my team and just try to let this thing heal on its own."

"I have to take time off," Beal said. "It's hard to do that, but I have to live with it."