Earlier in The Finals, Miami's Mike Miller was among the players who mingled around the court during media sessions while others held court behind a podium.

Miller was part of the podium posse on Saturday, yet another indication of his growing influence on The Finals.

He was inserted into the starting lineup by Miami, and the Heat pulled away for a convincing Game 4 win to even up the series.
Although he didn't make a shot, his presence with the first unit gave the Heat a much-needed shot at victory.

"It was about as impactful a zero‑for‑one game as you can have in The Finals," said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. "And Mike knows what he brings on to the table for us. So many things on both ends of the court, and each series is different. It presents its own challenges. This we feel is the best move for now against the Spurs."

That doesn't necessarily mean Miller will be starting in Sunday's Game 5 matchup.

But considering the decisive nature of Miami's Game 4 win, safe money is on Miller being with the first group again on Sunday.

Miller, whose role has fluctuated throughout the playoffs, said there wasn't a huge adjustment on his part knowing he would be a starter.