The Mets couldn’t wait any longer. Being unable to win even one game on consecutive weekends against the majors’ worst team demanded action, so the Mets responded by doing the following Sunday:

Removing three players who were failing in favor of three players who already had failed for them. The transaction could have read this way: New York Mets — Garbage out, garbage in.

That is unless you think Colin Cowgill II is going to be a sequel worth seeing this summer.

The Mets got their headline (distraction?) out of this by finally deciding to demote Ike Davis to Triple-A.

But this all felt like running in place — at best. Because the promise of this Mets season was never in the standings except for the delusional who thought John Buck’s hot start was about more than a random tear for an ordinary player. The exchange for losing was going to be running out the bad contracts of Jason Bay and Johan Santana, using a high draft slot to infuse more talent into the system and leaving this season with five or six cornerstones to build around.

And the Mets desperately wanted to believe Davis was one of those, that he had graduated in skill and mental fortitude from last year when he overcame a horrendous first two months to finish with 32 homers.

But Davis regressed to the helpless two-plus months, so what is even the upbeat scenario now? Say Davis goes to Vegas and uses that friendly hitting environment to get his mind and swing right and comes back with a stellar second half? Let’s even give it numbers: He hits 17 homers after the All-Star break. So?

Can the Mets really move forward with Davis and risk that this is just his pattern, that he is going to sink himself and his team in the first two months of every season? And can they really risk letting him go for little or nothing when power is in such demand? When they have seen a player of the same age (Philadelphia’s Domonic Brown) and of essentially the same skills (Toronto’s Adam Lind) go from “get rid of them” at their Davis-like worst to arguably the best hitters on their teams this season?