Nearly nine years after the Yankees made a trade for Alex Rodriguez that was going to start winning them World Series the way they won them after Joe Torre got to town, the Yankees want Rodriguez to disappear the way the old Stadium has. This is no longer just about the stupid money they paid him and the money they still owe him. They just want him gone. The Yankees look at a guy who people once thought might end up the greatest player of all time as their Eddy Curry. Not overweight the way Curry was. Just dead weight.

It is still early in the game with Rodriguez, you have to know that. Of course the Yankees want him to decide, when and if he recovers from hip surgery, that he is nothing more than a shell of the player he once was, either retire at that point, so they can score insurance money off him, or decide to settle with the Yankees so they can release him once and for all.

Or — this appears to be even more of a longshot — they want the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, to hit him with a drug suspension so they can start exploring ways to void his contract, even though the Major League Baseball Players Association will fight to protect guaranteed money in baseball the way gun nuts protect their guns.

But if none of that happens, then what? They keep Rodriguez around as a $114 million scrub? He stays in a Yankee uniform and permanently becomes the part-time player he became in the postseason of 2012, the organization treating him the same way Joe Girardi did?

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