The Buffalo Sabres are the only team in the Eastern Conference not opening its season today and coach Lindy Ruff said he's OK with yet another day without a game after waiting since April 7 to play one.

Ruff revealed Friday that NHL teams got a video presentation and memo from the league about some rules of emphasis for the new season and he'll be paying close attention to what referees whistle today.

"There are a lot of things we'll look at," Ruff said. "How the games are being called, what's being called. At least we get a one-game look to try to prepare our team for some calls."

Specifically, Ruff said the NHL is cracking down on players using their hands to get better position on faceoffs, players covering the puck with their hands in the defensive zone and enforcing more awareness on slashing.

"I like the fact we're going to get to watch what's in the league one night," Ruff said. "I'm anxious to play. There's a little bit of nervousness and you might find that hard to believe after all these years but I'm ready to get going."