Jackie Bradley Jr.’s life is about to change.

And no, it has nothing to do with Jacoby Ellsbury.

Tomorrow, Bradley will be married to Erin Helring, his former high school classmate, in Richmond, Va. As their families gather for the big occasion, final preparations are being made. Then comes the honeymoon, and after that, well, then the reality finally will sink in for Bradley that his path is clear to become the Red Sox’ next center fielder.

Well, maybe.

“I’m ready to take that next step,” Bradley told the Herald last night in a phone interview, his first since Ellsbury agreed to a seven-year, $153 million contract with the New York Yankees.

You might not know it if you watched Bradley in the majors this season. In 37 games spread over four stints with the Red Sox, the 23-year-old batted .189 with a .280 on-base percentage. He struck out 31 times in 95 at-bats and ended his first exposure to the big leagues with an 0-for-20 spell in April.

When the Red Sox won the World Series — with Ellsbury going 2-for-4 and scoring two runs in the clincher — Bradley wasn’t on the roster.

But manager John Farrell insists the Sox haven’t soured on Bradley. General manager Ben Cherington even claims they “would feel very good” about him inheriting center field now that Ellsbury has bolted for the big contract that everyone knew he would get but few expected to come from the Yankees.

And Bradley? He’s so sure of his ability to replace Ellsbury that the news that almost melted the hot stove Tuesday night barely caused him to stop playing a video game in his living room.

“I didn’t even really know about it,” Bradley said. “I was at the house, messing around with my game, when I started getting tons of phone calls from people I hadn’t heard from in a long time. My dad left me a voice mail. I’m like, ‘What in the world is going on?’ ”

Finally, Helring told him about Ellsbury, whose future has always been linked to Bradley’s. From almost the moment he was drafted by the Red Sox in the supplemental first round in 2011, Bradley has heard that his projected arrival in the majors would conveniently coincide with Ellsbury’s free agent eligibility. It would be a seamless transition. Heck, they even have the same agent, the notorious Scott Boras, who phoned Bradley a few days ago to tell him that “everything went the way it was supposed to go.”

But if everyone else just assumed Bradley would take over for Ellsbury, Bradley never did — and still won’t.

“I can’t really say it was my expectation,” Bradley said. “It all sounded good, but who knows what could happen? You could get traded at a moment’s notice. They could’ve signed (Ellsbury) again. It does leave the opportunity to compete for a job, but you have to go out there and keep playing.”

Indeed, Bradley hasn’t been given any guarantees that center field is his. While the Red Sox are confident that his defense is major league-caliber, he’s still enough of a work in progress at the plate that they are looking for a veteran outfielder to complement him, especially against tough left-handed pitchers.