You’re next, Rex.

You’ll be Rexiled next.

It is clear now Rex Ryan doesn’t have Woody Johnson’s ear anymore, because he will now be coaching for his job in 2013 without Darrelle Revis, who is taking his talents to Tampa for a high-risk six-year, $96 million deal but nary a red cent of it guaranteed.

It’s a “deal of historic proportions,” according to GM John Idzik, Johnson’s new consigliere.

A franchise-altering deal that will lead this tortured franchise in a new direction.

With a new head coach.

Ryan’s parting gift is the 13th pick of Thursday night’s NFL Draft — and nothing else, because the conditional 2014 fourth-rounder that could become a third-rounder will belong to someone else.

Of course Johnson and Idzik didn’t get enough for Revis, only got what they could in the absence of a gold rush for a shutdown corner who was shut down last season by a torn ACL.

“It definitely muddies the water a little bit,” Idzik conceded.

It is a victory only in that it is better than getting nothing at all at the end of the 2013 season when Revis could have taken his talents to the Patriots or Giants, or anyone else.

Only the Jets could find themselves trying to untangle themselves from such a Buttfumbled mess.

This much is obvious: This is no longer Rex’s team. The party is over for him.

It is Idzik’s team.

Ryan will never admit it publicly, but he has officially met his Waterloo, and assuming he remains gung-ho on collecting his $3 million salary in 2013 for being the fall guy, assuming he is not the type to fax in his resignation, then by the time the season ends, he will be smaller than Napoleon in and around the NFL.

Mark Sanchez was put in a position to fail in 2012, left alone on Sanchez Island with Tim Tebow, and Ryan has now been put in a position to fail in 2013. He is a lame-duck coach coaching a lame team, and he better duck.