A few days ago, we talked about the possibility of the Mets trading Daniel Murphy, who has already grabbed the attention of teams looking for infield help, including the San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays.

But he is also a Met who can hit at Citi Field, a commodity that has proven elusive. So let’s say they don’t move him -- would the team sign Murphy to a multi-year extension? And would he be amenable to forgoing free agency? The answer: While this is not a front-burner issue, both sides are willing to at least consider it.

A Mets insider called a deal that would buy out Murphy’s final arbitration season and a few free agent years “possible,” although more likely to happen this winter, rather than in-season. The second baseman said had this to say, when approached on Tuesday about the subject:

“Well, my agents probably wouldn’t be too happy to say that, but they know how I tick, and (Murphy and agents Seth and Sam Levinson) have discussed it.”

Murphy is arbitration-eligible for one more season, and would be a free agent after 2015. Many players look forward to that experience, and Murphy would, too. But he also can see the appeal of staying with the only organization he has known.

“I like New York,” Murphy said. “The Mets have been good to me. I missed an entire season (with a knee injury in 2010), and they found a way to give me at-bats in 2011. And then I missed another two months, and since then, they have given me -- I’m flirting with like 1,500 plate appearances. So they’ve been good to me here. I’ve enjoyed my time here. I’ve enjoyed the guys I’ve played with. My wife enjoys it here.”

For the record, the sides have not spoken about an extension. The Mets tried to trade Murphy last winter, and they could do so again next month-- although the bet here is that they will keep him at least until the end of the season.