Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall couldn’t say whether he’s yet over his team’s season-ending 33-28 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Dec. 29, a defeat that kept the Bears out of the playoffs.

“The next few weeks I’m going to work a little bit and then go on vacation,” Marshall said Tuesday. “And probably when I hit the beach it’ll hit me pretty hard. Right around Super Bowl time.”

For now, Marshall is keeping busy. And in recent days that’s meant making his way around the TV circuit. On Sunday, Marshall was in Connecticut, serving as a guest analyst on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.” On Tuesday morning, he stopped through “NFL AM” on the NFL Network long enough to deliver his Super Bowl prediction: 49ers over Chargers.

What gives San Francisco the edge?

“Their toughness. Their grit,” Marshall told the “NFL AM” crew. “These guys are primed for it. They’ve got great defense and they run the ball.”

And they also have mobile quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Like I said last week, if they’re going to get it done,” Marshall said, “Kaepernick is going to have to take out his track spikes. He already did that. So he needs to keep them out.”

Marshall seems increasingly optimistic about the Bears’ future heading into the offseason, even after a year that finished at 8-8 with losses in the final two games.

Moving forward, Marshall senses things moving in the right direction. Personally, he said his health gives him reason to believe 2014 could be a huge year. The hip surgery he underwent last offseason, he admits, slowed his growth some in his first season in new coach Marc Trestman’s offense.