I was really excited about going to see the Cavaliers play the Pistons up in Detroit. Two of my best friends were coming up from Columbus, our seats were going to be outstanding, and the Cavaliers were coming off a bad loss to Golden State. I figured they would be pretty fired up to beat a Detroit team that has given them trouble the last couple years. I was completely, utterly wrong. I liked Kyrie Irving's energy early in the game (he had 11 points in the first quarter), but other than that the game was pretty much a disaster. Tristan Thompson and Irving didn't play at all in the fourth quarter, and I don't remember a single positive thing that Dion Waiters or Tyler Zeller did in their time on the court. Now, I watched the game live without the benefit of instant replay. And I was out with friends. We may have brought our friend Jack along. I wasn't trying or really capable of analyzing anything. But I know the feeling as I left the arena was one of disappointment.

It took, what, 24 hours for those feelings to be completely eradicated, and replaced by euphoria? Oklahoma City got a bad game from Kevin Durant, who played much of the second half hurt. But otherwise, I don't really think OKC could say they played a bad game. Westbrook and Ibaka played great. The Cavaliers played some of their best defense of the season, and OKC still scored 110 points. Cleveland got smart play from Dion Waiters and outstanding rebounding from Tristan Thompson and even Tyler Zeller. Marreese Speights put up 21 points and 10 rebounds and took the minutes away from Zeller that I had been waiting for. Wayne Ellington played solid defense and hit a big three pointer in the fourth quarter. I thought Livingston had a rough game, but even when he is bad offensively, I remember Donald Sloan and am put at ease. His length bothered Durant on a couple possessions defensively. Miles kept the offense going when it seemed like no one else could at various points.