"One more, please."

Those were the words of Yoenis Céspedes (in English), who was supposed to be done with batting practice but wanted more. Curt Young was pitching, and Céspedes wouldn't leave the batting cage until he got another.

Then another.

"One more, please."

The A's most dangerous hitter is greedy when it comes to his hacks. Any extra chance to launch a ball out of Phoenix Muni Stadium or short-hop the wall, he's game. Monday, he was out of the lineup and went over to the A's minor-league for extra swings.

"He likes a lot of at-bats," manager Bob Melvin said.

Céspedes brought a .182 average into Tuesday's 7-1 exhibition loss to the Dodgers, and Melvin said, "Oh, I'm not too concerned about that." The average fell to .176 after one at-bat, then Céspedes opened the fifth inning with a homer off left-hander Chris Capuano.

No reason for concern, indeed.

"Last year in spring training, it was my first year, I didn't know if I could play here, and I tried to put together the best of what I had," said Céspedes, who was signed on March 3, 2012. "This year, everyone knows I could play baseball, so I slow it down a little bit."

Céspedes' batting practices remain must-see, considering how he seems to transform big-league parks into Little League fields, generating the most forceful swings and mightiest drives this side of Giancarlo Stanton. Tuesday morning, as Céspedes sent a ball deep into the desert air, teammate Brandon Moss, standing behind the cage, said, "Good Lord."

Last summer, coaches asked him to pull back a bit in BP because of his wrist ailments, suggesting a ball landing one row over the wall means as much as 20 rows deep. It's the same this year, Melvin saying there are "subtle ways" to curtail Céspedes in BP such as calling for line-drive rounds and situational rounds.

"We're trying to do things a little more functional in batting practice than maybe we were early on," said Melvin, adding with a smile, "It's the hitting home runs with donuts on his bat that we're trying to stay away from. He's actually done that a couple times."