Veteran forward Todd Bertuzzi would advise his son to wear a visor. Any young player coming up through the ranks of minor hockey, Bertuzzi would advise them to wear a visor.

But Bertuzzi, 37, can't bring himself to wear one.

Bertuzzi had a close call during Tuesday's 4-1 victory over Dallas. A stick scraped along his left eye in the middle of the second period.

There was no extensive damage, just a few minor cuts, and Bertuzzi returned for the start of the third period. Further tests Wednesday revealed nothing but a few scratches.

"It'll be pretty much perfect in a couple of days," Bertuzzi said.

But Bertuzzi wasn't wearing any visor during Thursday's practice, and don't expect him to wear one in the near future.

Even with the close call.

"Initially, it was pretty scary," Bertuzzi said. "You never know because you can't see what is going on. It didn't feel very good, I will say that. I was worried.

"But I was fortunate it was just a cut."

According to league rules, players born after Dec. 31, 1974 must wear a visor. Bertuzzi beats the deadline and simply prefers not to wear one.

"It's a personal decision," Bertuzzi said. "I don't ask you what pencil you like to use. I'm not trying to be a jerk. It's just the way it is. It's our office and we wear what we wear. Everybody wears different shoulder pads, different helmets and gloves, and all that.

"It's an option we're given and some guys would rather not use it."

Coach Mike Babcock would like to see Bertuzzi wear a visor but would not force any of his players to do so.

From The Detroit News: