It'll be different for Jimmy Howard next season.

For the last two seasons, Howard could turn his head and Chris Osgood would be there to answer a question, crack a joke, impart hockey knowledge only a veteran goalie would know.

"Whatever happened the night before in the game, it was a new day the next day," Howard said. "He always moved on. He had that ability."

Osgood's retirement Tuesday didn't surprise Howard, who was part of the entourage that accompanied Osgood on the golfing adventure through Scotland this month.

"He said he was thinking about it (retirement)," Howard said. "We texted the other day. He said he had talked to Kenny (Holland, the Wings' general manager).

"It's an emotional thing. But the bottom line is, he had a heckuva career and now he has the opportunity to relax and spend time with his family."

Howard took over for Osgood as the team's starting goalie early in the 2009-10 season. There have been a few peaks and valleys since and the young goalie credits Osgood for helping him through the rough times, and keeping him level.

"Regroup, and come back the next day and start over," Howard said about one piece of advice Osgood gave him. "He was always even-keel and would never get out of control. He'd always move on to the next game."

One of the best memories Howard will have about playing with Osgood actually occurred this past season.