That's two shootout victories this season courtesy of Damien Brunner.

Continuing to look like the steal of free agency, Brunner scored the lone shootout goal in the Red Wings' 2-1 victory over San Jose on Thursday.

Brunner won an earlier shootout game in Columbus this season with a highlight-reel type of move that was replayed on every sports show imaginable.

The winner Thursday was more straightforward but still showed Brunner's deft hands and shot.

Brunner's success in the shootout could be because he says he doesn't feel pressure.

"The goalie has the advantage," Brunner said of the actual shootout. "Good players are going to miss. Why should I put any more pressure out there? I know I can score when I have confidence, (so) it's about being loose and having some fun.

"It makes no sense to put yourself under pressure."

The goal offset a turnover with 40 seconds left in regulation that almost resulted in San Jose scoring the winner.

"It's a good thing my hands couldn't reach his neck, but it's all part of the process," Babcock said of Brunner. "He's going to grow and he'll continue to get better as a player and that's what he's doing.

"What I like about him is he's smart and competitive and coachable and wants to get better."

From The Detroit News: