One of the fun features of the Baseball Tonight 100 is that the list provides us a starting point for popular arguments. Take underrated players. The problem with that debate is that baseball fans start from a different viewpoint, usually that the player on their favorite team is underrated. Inherent biases cloud everyone’s opinion. Well, the BBTN 100 gives us a point of comparison and one name clearly stands out to me as the most underrated player of 2016: Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Starling Marte.

Consider where Marte ranks on our list: 74th. Not exactly an insult but ranked one spot ahead of him is Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz. I’m not surprised Ortiz is ranked higher but he’s not a better player than Marte. He’s a better hitter, but not a better player. You want to debate that? OK, Ortiz starts with an advantage of 18 home runs. That’s a big advantage. Ortiz also drew 77 walks to Marte’s 27, in a similar number of plate appearances (Marte had 29 more PAs). Game over, right?

Not so fast. Marte hit .287 to Ortiz’s .273. Marte was hit by 19 pitches to zero for Ortiz. Marte stole 30 bases to Ortiz’s zero. On the basepaths, Marte took the extra base 42 percent of the time to 18 percent for Ortiz.