Spoke with Willie McGinest for the lead to my NFL Sunday notes. Given he was a former Patriot captain and respected clubhouse leader, someone who kept guys in line, I wanted his take on Rob Gronkowski. Had the Pats tight end crossed the line with his recent nightclub antics, making a wrestling move on stage with his broken left forearm?

McGinest, now an NFL Network analyst, not only thought Gronk had stepped out of bounds, but if he was still in that locker room, would have taken the young tight end aside and had a chat and reminded him about being responsible and accountable.

“This kid’s had a lot of success at an early age. He’s probably one of the best tight ends in the league. But he seems to be wired a little different. He did it at the party after they lost (last year’s) Super Bowl to the Giants where it was kind of the same thing,” McGinest said, referring to Gronkowski dancing on a badly sprained ankle at a postgame party. “Certain people handle things differently. But the pile-driving, that wrestling move could have been dangerous to him . . . I don’t think he should be out doing wrestling moves. It doesn’t make sense especially if you’re in a cast still healing. He’s a vital part of that offense; they need him. They’re paying him a lot of money. He can’t put himself in certain situations where he can possibly hurt himself. He has to be careful. He has to be smarter than that.”