What you are about to read may come across as absurd, but no more absurd than the idea Willie Colon should not be a member of the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not to suggest Colon or the Steelers would even consider moving him to the defensive side of the ball, but how great would it be for Steelers fans to see him doing this to Joe Flacco of the Ravens, Andy Dalton of the Bengals or Brandon Weeden of the Browns?

Unfortunately, NFL offensive and defensive linemen are horses of completely different colors. One does not simply turn around and become the other, unless the player had some sort of prior experience.

Colon's bio on the team's official website shows he played four years of football for Cardinal Hayes High School in New York, where he was a member of their CHSAA "A" championship team's defense. He earned the Cardinal Hayes Outstanding Defensive Player award in his senior season after recording 12 sacks. Colon had recorded eight sacks in his junior season, and eight more in his sophomore year. Colon was also voted as the MVP of the Catholic High School All-Star team. What position did he play?