There is much we already know about Matt Williams. We know he was an intense competitor during his 17 big-league seasons. We know he is an excellent communicator based on his post-playing career as a broadcaster and coach. And we know he believes in the importance of defense based on his own track record (four Gold Glove Awards) and his decision to add defensive “coordinator” Mark Weidemaier to the Nationals’ coaching staff.

We don’t, however, really know what kind of in-game manager Williams will be, because there’s no real track record to examine. (Sorry, but guys don’t really manage in the Arizona Fall League the same way they do in the major leagues.)

Williams was asked several times in several different ways to describe his style of managing during Friday’s introduction at Nationals Park. The word he kept using was “fluid,” suggesting he won’t entirely know himself until he gets a chance to do it.

But one other word Williams used many times does offer a window into his philosophy: “aggressive.” He’s a take-charge guy, and he expects his teams to play that way. Especially on the bases.

“I think it’s aggressive, in every aspect,” he said. “We’re going to try to take advantage of the situation that presents itself to us. … If a guy’s slow to the plate, we’re going to run. We want to put guys in motion and hit-and-run. We want to do some things that are maybe outside the box in getting a guy in from third base. Certainly, that’s a process. But that’s what I think.

“You can’t score unless you touch the plate, so we’ve got to go. And we’ve got to defend that plate with everything we’ve got as well.”