The assumption is that when the 2013 season opens up, the Royals will plug either of Bruce Chen or Luke Hochevar into the fifth starter's slot.

However, after looking over projections, it struck me that Will Smith fits in nicely as a starting rotation option relative to others. To this point, we know what Bruce Chen will be. He'll have some good games. He'll have some bad ones. He'll settle in nicely as a #5 starter if he can get through six innings a start and get a quality start most times out. That's fine. It's bland, it's uninspired, but it's fine. There's not a lot of upside to starting Bruce Chen. The league isn't going to be surprised by Bruce Chen.

Similarly, Hochevar's struggles for consistency have been well-documented here as well as in the traditional media. The only sort of consistency he has is his inconsistency. It's maddening. He's a former number one overall pick. He's shown the ability to have fantastic starts at times. Starts that get everyone back on the bandwagon. But it's difficult to trust what he can do. Plus, he'll turn 30 this season, so that does limit some of his upside. I suppose it's not too late, but who can blame a guy for being highly skeptical?