The Mavs rookie has an NBA-ready game, but he may not get a chance to show it this year.

Four months after he was drafted, there's still a lot we don't know about Shane Larkin. The Mavs first-round pick broke his ankle in July, an injury that has kept him out of Summer League and all of the preseason. With only his college experience to draw on, it's unclear whether the 21-year old will be able to help Dallas as a rookie. Combine that with Rick Carlisle's notorious reluctance to play young players and Larkin looks headed for a lot of time in Frisco.

In terms of skill-set and feel for the game, Larkin is the equal of any of the PG's taken ahead of him. He lasted until the No. 18 pick mainly because of concerns about his size. At 5'11 170 with a 5'11 wingspan, he was the smallest player in this year's draft. With Isaiah Thomas moving to the bench in Sacramento, Larkin is smaller than every starting PG in the league. Most successful small guards (Chris Paul, Ty Lawson and Jameer Nelson) are thicker, checking in at 195-200.