John Harbaugh’s smack talk on the Steelers wasn’t supposed to see the light of day.

A week after the Ravens were pummeled by their rival by 20 points, each team’s fortunes were reversed on Sunday, and it had Harbaugh all fired up as he ripped Pittsburgh, but the comments, intended for the team only, were broadcast on television against the coach’s wishes.

“That team beat us last week, OK? Then they went and got their asses kicked this week,” Harbaugh told his team after it beat Tennessee, 21-7, and the Steelers lost to the Jets, 20-13.

He thought those specific comments would be kept in-house, though he allowed CBS television cameras in the locker room to record other parts of his postgame talk. Before his Steelers comment, he told CBS it couldn’t air what he was about to say, but CBS did so anyway.

The Ravens later released a statement explaining the condition Harbaugh gave to the CBS crew.