As Goes Perry, So Go The Ducks

From almost the moment they were drafted into the League together in 2003, Ryan Getzlaf (19th overall) and Corey Perry (28th overall) have been practically tied together at the hip. They made their NHL debuts together in 2005, have been sent down to and called up from the AHL together, and have almost exclusively played on the same line with each other for the last seven years. They've represented their country and won an Olympic Gold medal together (once again, on the same line). They've won the Stanley Cup together, and together they form one of the most dominant duos in the NHL – there is, after all, a reason why the Anaheim faithful affectionately refer to Getzlaf and Perry as "the twins."

However, for as much attention as they received for being a pair earlier in their careers, the sense in the hockey community was always that Corey Perry was merely a passenger on the bus being driven by Ryan Getzlaf. That all changed during the 2010-11 season when Getzlaf went down with a nasty facial injury and Perry decided to strap the Anaheim Ducks to his back and essentially will them to the playoffs while on his way to picking up the Rocket Richard and Hart Memorial trophies at the year-end awards show. Perry finished that year with a League-leading 50 goals and racked up an impressive 98 points, third in the League behind only Martin St. Louis (99) and Daniel Sedin (104). To put this in perspective, Perry's previous career highs for goals and points had been 32 (2008-09) and 76 (2009-10) respectively.