With so much uncertainty surrounding the NBA's landscape, there's no telling where Leandro Barbosa will end up playing next year, assuming there is a season.

With no playoff position to grab, Barbosa continues to be as professional as can be amid the losing, health issues and a suspect roster.

Whether Barbosa comes back for his second season in Toronto, no one can say.

Whether Barbosa decides to be a Raptor only to allow the club's general manager to trade the veteran, whether it's Bryan Colangelo or someone the onerous and basketball-brainless Teachers' Pension Fund deems worthy, no one knows.

All that is known in a climate of unknowns is that Barbosa has a player option for next season worth $7.6 million, a clause he can trigger this summer.

Business aside, Barbosa is one of those guys any team covets, especially a team such as the Raptors, a rebuilding club that can use low-maintenance players capable of high returns.

It's no different when looking at Reggie Evans, the only difference being that Evans becomes an unrestricted free agent.

In a perfect world, you keep players such Barbosa and Evans, indispensable pieces that work hard, lead by example and are fully aware of the NBA's grind.