Turns out Wilkin Ramirez had a concussion after all.

The Twins' reserve outfielder was openly upset Sunday at being forced to the seven-day disabled list with concussion-like symptoms, saying he felt he had been misdiagnosed by the Detroit Tigers' team doctor.

Twenty minutes into the team charter on Sunday night, after he vomited in the plane's restroom, Ramirez realized his mistake.

"I guess the doctor was right," Ramirez said Monday morning at Miller Park. "I really have to apologize for what I said (Sunday). I thought I was fine. That's why he's the doctor."

Ramirez, it seems, failed to mention he had suffered a concussion as a boy growing up in the Dominican Republic. At age 12, during a fight at a baseball game, he was hit in the back of the head by a rock intended for his brother, Rafael.

Sonia Ramirez, the boys' mother, reminded Wilkin of that incident during a Monday morning phone conversation. Wilkin Ramirez said he spent a month in the hospital after that concussion.

Asked if he might have withheld that information in order to protect his spot on the big-league roster, Ramirez pleaded innocent.

"I forgot," he said. "I was 12. My mom was the one to remind me. When she told me, I said, 'Oh, yeah.' It makes sense now, but I just forgot."