This is arguably one of the most exciting times of the post-season for NFL fans. The weeks leading up to free-agency are loaded with player interviews, where players express their desire to get payola, or finish out their careers with a winner. Players are cut and cap space articles run rampant. Market prices for players are speculated on and every club in the league has fans making the case for XYZ player for their team.

The promise of free agency is that with some key moves, your team will become dramatically better - maybe even a contender.

Here's the problem: It's rarely ever true.

Just yesterday, I watched as several NFL analysts debated and argued over what team "won" the first day of free agency. Most seemed to think the Miami Dolphins had the best day overall. And while the moves look good on paper, it reminded me of this same time a couple of years ago when the Philadelphia Eagles were proclaimed to have "won" free agency. Maybe we should create a trophy for the free agency winner - the Hershel Walker award maybe?

Anyhow, as few people no doubt remember, the "Dream Team" Eagles may have won free agency but it ultimately did not translate onto the field. The team never even got to the playoffs. Their second season got their head coach fired. So much for that free agency "win."