Moving Jonathan Stewart makes a lot of on-field sense but almost none to the front office.

The NFL trade deadline is nine days away and Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart has been mentioned often in trade suggestions. While the Panthers have little need for another running back in 2013 moving him would be fiscally irresponsible.

An obvious landing spot for Stewart would be New York where the Giants are in dire need of a running back and the teams have already executed one trade in 2013 sending linebacker Jon Beason to New York for a late-round pick. Gil Brandt suggested a rare player trade one that would send Stewart to the Giants for discontent wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

The move make a lot of sense from a football standpoint. New York gets a running back the Panthers get another much-needed weapon for Cam Newton but the logicality of the trade ends here.

Stewart is owed $7.4 million in guaranteed money from the contract extension he signed in 2012. This money would be accelerated at the time of trade immediately hitting Carolina's cap and taking over 50-percent of the free space expected to roll into 2014. Pair this with Nicks' remaining salary this season ($1.53 million) and this number would be eaten into further.

Some of this cap loss would be mitigated by Stewart's scheduled salary in 2014 where the running back is expected to make a $1.5 million base salary but a trade would still mean eating up over $6 million in available cap space. This would happen before any discussion of extending Nicks who's in the last year of his deal and doesn't include trying to re-sign defensive end Greg Hardy which the Panthers seem interested in doing.