Much of the talk this offseason for the Golden State Warriors has centered around the question: How will they cope with the loss of Jarrett Jack?

When Nemanja Nedovic was drafted the same question still existed. When Toney Douglas signed you guessed it the same question was still very much alive. Like when the Warriors traded Monta Ellis not re-signing Jarrett Jack is addition by subtraction.

This article is not arguing that Jarrett Jack is not a solid player; he is just not a solid fit for this Warriors team.

Last year Jack was the team’s best player at both driving to the basket and creating his own shot. Because of this Mark Jackson relied on Jack for heavy minutes even though he came off the bench. However this skill set came at a cost.

First there was the defensive liability Jack created. Not a stout defender he often was burned by opposing point guards especially the top-tier point guards many of which play in the West. This also forced Stephen Curry to try to match up with bigger shooting guards. If Bogut was not there protecting the basket (which was common) the Warriors really struggled defensively with a Jack and Curry backcourt.

Since Jack was the best at creating a shot this was a lineup used often in the crunch time late-game situations. This created a liability for the Warriors because it forced their offense to be potent and allowed a lot of leads to evaporate such as Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs in the Playoffs.