On the day after the NBA draft, Sam Hinkie emerged from his undisclosed (and possibly fortified) hideout. He talked a lot about the newest Sixers that day, and how it will be a while until some of them appear on an NBA court. The interview lasted more than 35 minutes. At the very end of the session, before he thanked everyone and walked off, Hinkie was asked about the Sixers’ cap space.

It was an important question. At the beginning of free agency, only two other teams – the Heat and the Suns – had more cap space than the Sixers. Miami ended up obliterating its flexibility by overpaying Chris Bosh after failing to retain LeBron James. Even after a sign-and-trade deal that will pay Isaiah Thomas $28 million over four years, Phoenix still has a chunk of space left. But the Suns want to keep restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe (because the Suns want all the point guards), which would eat up a portion of their remaining cap.

Despite the misguided pleas of impatient area radio hosts and desperate fanboys, the Sixers were never going to load their T-shirt cannons with fat stacks of cash and shoot it at the top-tier free agents. But how might they use their cap space?

“I think we’ll be open-minded,” Hinkie said almost a month ago. “I don’t know, exactly, what we’ll do there. I think we’ll look for opportunities. And we’ll go from there. Our cap space last year was used in several ways. One is to pick up some of the seconds that we used [on draft night] and other future seconds. Some is to pick up international players like Furkan Aldemir, who we traded for last year. Those are all sort of possibilities. And then, lastly, are the other players like Elliot [Williams] and James [Anderson] – James we got off the waiver wire, Elliot we signed. Hollis Thompson we signed. I think we’ll continue to look for opportunities for ways to add guys to our group.”

The salary cap is projected to rise to $63.2 million for the upcoming season. Counting active contracts, non-guaranteed deals, cap holds and dead money, the Sixers were about $32 million under the cap when Hinkie was asked what he would do with all that space. And at the moment? The Sixers are still about $32 million under the cap.

So what gives? Why is Hinkie sitting on a big cap cushion? The inactivity further infuriates the already angry faction of fans and media members who don’t understand why he won’t do something/anything and hurry up about it. But that doesn’t make it wrong.