Nearly every time Sandy Alderson speaks of increased payroll flexibility this winter the Mets GM attaches a footnote that underlines his deeply-felt belief in fiscal responsibility: We're not going to throw money around he finds a way to say just because we can.

Now we can apply that logic to two specific players Robinson Cano and Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu. According to major league sources familiar with the team’s thinking Alderson and the Mets do not expect to pursue either player -- and while the club is feeling an increasing urgency for buzz and star power its plans to look elsewhere are wise.

Start with Cano. While the Mets were never considered a likely bidder for the second baseman some in the industry wondered if they were a stealth candidate tempted by the idea of poaching a star from across town. But according to sources Alderson and his front office will act in characteristic fashion with Cano and avoid the extreme long-term deal that he seeks.

Ten years $305 million? When Alderson heard about his request from the Yankees he must have said "no thanks" in considerably less time than it takes Cano to jog to first base. We're talking about a GM who wrestled with the decision to give face of the franchise David Wright an eight-year deal. People who know Alderson well say that was a tough commitment for him to make even to a player he likes. So don't expect him to play that game with some other franchise's guy sources say.

And in this case that is the smart play. Cano is a fabulous player one of the best in the game but there aren't many evaluators in baseball who believe that he -- or just about any 31-year-old -- is worth a seven-to-ten year commitment. If one dumb team emerges to do this it won't be the Mets. If one doesn't Cano will remain a Yankee.

As for Abreu the Mets sent scouts to a showcase for the Cuban defector in the Dominican Republic last week but the team simply has too many internal candidates at first base to spend on a player who might be a better for for the American League anyway. Many scouts believe that Abreu is more of a 1B/DH and a less dynamic talent than countrymen Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig.

Ike Davis Lucas Duda Wilmer Flores and Josh Satin are an imperfect group but there are enough of them to push the Mets into using their resources for other positions.