Ottawa's Jason Spezza will not be joining the Predators. Per a report by TSN's Darren Dreger earlier in the week, the playmaking center submitted his list of teams he would prefer to not be traded to. The Predators are on the list.

It also includes all Canadian teams, as well as the Islanders, Blue Jackets and Panthers.

While this is the opinion of one player, this just doesn't look good for the Predators. Spezza has played in Ottawa his entire career, so all of Canada makes sense. It's such a fishbowl mentality up there, though the fan passion is pretty unrivaled.

But lumping Nashville in with the Islanders, Blue Jackets and Panthers puts Nashville in undesirable company.

Though the Blue Jackets have made great strides recently, and the Islanders are destined for Brooklyn after next season, those teams in some ways represent the holy trinity of American teams players don't want to play for.