The Nuggets have assets. Stacks and stacks of assets who make very reasonable racks on racks. We're talking opportunity and money.

Hasn't Masai Ujiri been hording assets for a reason? Hasn't that reason been to pounce on a Superstar as soon as one becomes available?

Are Paul Pierce, 35, and Kevin Garnett, 36, still Superstars in the NBA? Well, KG is once again a starter on the Eastern Conference All-Star team, but his teammate Pierce was left off the team for the first time since 2007.

I would caution anyone on wanting to acquire two guys in the same age group as Andre Miller for the young assets Denver does possess. Reader soloking points out in his FanPost - a deal centering around Wilson Chandler, Jordan Hamilton, Andre Iguodala, and draft picks. While that deal might get the C's talking, Boston would certainly be foolish not to want Danilo Gallinari in any trade. Although, the potential of Iggy's contract coming off their books, as soon as this off-season, could be an appealing one to Danny Ainge.

Listening to a few podcasts yesterday, one trade idea of Gallo for Pierce came up and it was pointed out that The Truth aka Pierce would be an ideal guy to hit late shots for the Nuggets. Hasn't Gallo been doing that this season? Last count, Gallo has hit seven huge shots late for the Nuggets this season.