Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, May 11, nine days before Redskins OTA’s start.

Signing draft picks

News is beginning to come in that teams are signing their draft picks. Scrolling down Pro Football Talk I see that on Friday the Bills signed four picks, the 49ers inked some late-rounders, the Texans signed four of their draftees, and the Lions have all of their draft class under contract, including Ziggy Ansah, the fifth overall pick in the draft.

So, why haven’t the Redskins signed any of their draft picks? Is it a problem that they have none of their seven new players under contract? Can they afford to sign them?

If you’re a regular reader here you know the answer to the last question. This post I wrote a month ago shows that because of the Rule of 51, the Redskins will need about $200,000 in cap space to sign their draft picks. As of Friday afternoon they had some $1.9 million available so they have plenty of cap space.

The other non-problem is the possibility of a holdout. Since the Redskins didn’t have a first-round pick the chances of prolonged negotiations were slim even under the old system as players picked after the first rarely held out. But the new CBA sets up what is essentially a slotted system.

Last year, Jerel Worthy, the defensive tackle the Packers took with the 51st overall pick, got a four-year contract worth a total of $3,948, 203 with a signing bonus of $1,311,420. Since the cap went up a couple of percent since then, David Amerson will get slightly more than that. That’s it, take it or go work someplace else.

So with the money to work with and wrangling over dollars and terms a thing of the past, why the delay? Could be a few things. For one thing, the rookies aren’t at Redskins Park. There are 26 teams having their rookie camps this weekend (the Redskins had theirs a week ago) so the draft picks are in town and able to sign the contracts. The Redskins rookies can’t go to the team facility until next week.