The relationship between the local media and the team that they cover is often a strange one. It's never really clear where the loyalties of the former may lie at any given moment as they generally do not lie with reporting objective facts or educating the followers of the team. Instead, you get ludicrous suggestions, hit pieces, the shielding of anonymous sources, and a desire to be the most outrageous voice. Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star is quickly becoming the epitome of this state of affairs.

His approach to the team shifts in the winds as the prevailing sentiment changes. One of the stranger relationships where this is evident is with Dion Phaneuf. Last year when Dion Phaneuf was named the most overrated player in a Sports Illustrated players poll you'd have expected Feschuk to revel in the news. But that would just fall in line with the majority of mittenstringers so what is one to do in order to differentiate oneself? Why, defend him of course!

Those of us who care about the game aren't impressed that you're content to be ignored. The athletes we've come to truly appreciate relish the spotlight, crave the big stage. Phaneuf, after some early stumbles, has embraced life under the Bay Street glare, and he's currently prospering.